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Our Webflow-certified agency provides specialized Webflow development services, with a focus on creating bespoke websites from the ground up using the industry's revolutionary and market-leading web development platform.

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A Webflow-certified Agency In Toronto

We are proud to be a Webflow Certified Agency right here in the vibrant heart of Toronto. Our certification stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in Webflow development. It means that we have not only met but exceeded the rigorous standards set by Webflow, demonstrating our proficiency in harnessing the full potential of this powerful platform.

Why Webflow?

Discover the compelling reasons why Webflow stands out as the ultimate choice for your web design needs.

Design Flexibility

With Webflow, you have unparalleled design control. You can create fully customized, visually stunning websites that align perfectly with your brand's identity.

CMS Functionality

Offers an intuitive and powerful CMS that simplifies content management. It enables you to easily update, add, or remove content without needing extensive technical knowledge.

Advanced SEO

Provides advanced SEO controls, allowing you to optimize your website for search engines effectively. You can fine-tune meta tags, create SEO-friendly URLs, and ensure your site meets Google's best practices.


Webflow optimizes websites for speed and performance. It leverages modern web technologies to ensure your site loads quickly and efficiently, improving user experience.

No Maintenance

One significant advantage of Webflow is the reduced need for ongoing maintenance. Unlike traditional websites, Webflow sites don't require constant updates, security patches, or plugin maintenance.

Seamless Integrations

Webflow offers the flexibility to integrate with third-party tools and services seamlessly. Connect your website to e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, marketing automation tools, or other services.

Other Platforms VS Webflow

Learn the difference between a template-based and custom website.

Other Platforms
Requires a developer to make changes on the site which can take from weeks to months.
Websites getting hacked due to the code that is poorly implemented by developers and plugins.
Requires constant maintenance to be secure, which will cost a monthly fee by developers.
As website expands in complexity, the site often times breaks and performance will take a hit.
Take back control of your website and easily make the changes yourself in seconds.
Your website is built with clean, semantic, and secure code that loads fast and protects you against attacks.
No maintenance required. Save thousands of dollars from monthly maintenance fees.
Globally distributed high performance hosting, so that your website loads fast everywhere.

Tailored Solutions for Industries

We firmly believe that a tailored approach is the key to online success. Our industry-centric customization ensures that your website not only looks the part but also functions seamlessly, addressing the precise needs of your industry.

Real Estate
Tech Startups

The Website Process

1. Discovery

The exploration phase marks our journey to understanding your business deeply. In this initial stage, we engage in a discovery call to delve into your business, assess the performance of your current website, and outline the goals and aspirations you have for your new website.

2. Design

Next, we embark on the design phase. Here, we start by creating a low-fidelity wireframe mockup that provides a structural blueprint of your website's content. Once we have alignment on the structure, we transition into the high-fidelity design stage, where we bring your website to life with visually captivating and final design elements.

3. Development

After the approval of the design mockup, we'll build the website using the Webflow platform. Simultaneously, we implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to enhance your visibility and set up the back-end infrastructure for seamless functionality.

4. Handoff

Prior to the final step, we perform comprehensive quality testing to ensure every aspect of your website functions flawlessly. We leave no stone unturned in guaranteeing a top-notch user experience. Once we're confident that your website meets our stringent standards, we proceed to the handoff phase.


Nothing brings us more satisfaction than the positive impact we've had on the businesses we've had the privilege to serve. Our clients' words are a testament to the dedication, expertise, and commitment we bring to every project.

"Compile Marketing helped us to implement the new website design on Webflow. They were patient, diligent, open to feedback, and offered solutions that would save time and effort in the future. They ensured that all final details are complete before relaunching the site. I highly recommend them for website redesign projects."
Tom B.
Principal, SCUBE Marketing
"I retained Compile Marketing to redesign my website and am very impressed with the final product. Not only they're creative in producing an aesthetical user experience but also provide technical input and are very knowledgeable in website analytics and marketing. I couldn't have asked for a better website designer."
Lubomir S.
President, Stepcon Engineering


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