Why You Should Migrate From Wordpress to Webflow

Wordpress to Webflow

WordPress is the industry standard for building websites for any type of business and its the most popular platform, its so popular that almost half of all websites on the internet are built on it, however that may not be the case anymore in the coming years since new platforms have emerged such as Wix, Squarespace, and couple of others. One of the newer platforms that we'll be talking about is Webflow, and we're gonna discuss the reasons on why it may finally be the time for your business website to switch to Webflow.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a website design and development platform that lets users build highly custom websites without relying on fixed templates and without any coding by using a visual canvas that lets you drag and drop elements on the screen and customize them using html & CSS parameters.

Why Switch to Webflow?

There are many benefits from switching to this platform that your business will find a lot of value in, which we'll break down the reasons below. However this might not be an option for everyone, but its a better option for the majority of users, including some large businesses as well.

1. Full design customization without code

Say goodbye to templates that have limited features and make your site look like the competitors. Traditionally, even if you wanted to design a custom website, you'll have to rely on developers that take a much longer time to build a website and cross your fingers that they have developed your site with efficient code that doesn't slow down the site or leave security vulnerabilities to your business.

Webflow allows you to design any kind of website from scratch down to each and every pixel, so you can have a website the exact way you want it to be to accurately represent your business from every aspect.

2. Little to no maintenance

To extend the functionality of your website on WordPress, you're likely going to install couple of plugins from third-party developers. While this is convenient since its integrated inside the platform, you're going to have to keep updating those plugins on monthly basis through a developer to avoid security vulnerabilities and getting hacked. This is costly especially for small businesses.

The plugins/apps are not directly integrated into Webflow through an app marketplace like WordPress, instead, they're installed through a simple snippet of code into the website and the app updates itself from its developer website, so this reduces the maintenance work dramatically! Your website should be a tool not a nightmare.

3. Super fast website

The themes/templates as well as the plugins installed on a WordPress site create a lot of bloated and un-optimized code that will slow down your website and leave it vulnerable to security attacks. This will also hurt your site's ranking on Google search because if a user leaves before a page fully loads, this will send a signal to Google's algorithm that the site is slow and will likely push it down in the search results.

A tool we recommend using for testing page speeds is called PageSpeed Insights which is made my Google. It gives you a detailed breakdown of what's affecting your site's loading speed and what you can do to improve it. You should aim to get at least a score of 80 on both mobile and desktop as this will increase your chances of ranking higher on the search results.


Switching to Webflow will offer your business a load of benefits that will likely push your site higher on the search results which will get you more exposure that leads to brining in more leads and customers. Design your site the way you want it to represent your business and say goodbye to the days of trying to keep your site up-to-date to avoid security risks and never host a site that takes forever to load.

Note: This post includes affiliate links, however we don't recommend anything we don't personally use or if it doesn't bring value to our users.

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