Website Design vs. Website Development: What Is the Difference?

Website Design Vs. Website Development

The difference between website design and development may be slightly confusing for new users jumping into the creative industry. Website designers create the visual aspects of a website, while developers create the functionality in order to make it work. The two are often confused because they both have an important role in creating a functional website. A developer might also do some design work on a project, but for most projects these two roles will be split up.

Website Design

Website design focuses on the layout, look and feel of a website. The designer's job is to create an aesthetic site that looks beautiful and works well with what it has been created for. In order to do this, they need to think about how your users interact with the page using their mouse or finger as they navigate through various elements like buttons, text and images.

Website Development

Website development is the process of taking a design layout (or wireframe) and turning it into a functioning website that can be viewed by users on multiple devices. This includes coding HTML to add content such as text, images or videos, CSS for adding styling like colors or backgrounds, then JavaScript in order to create interactive features like scroll functions or a carousel.

Webflow: Our Favorite Tool

When it comes to developing a website based on the designs provided, you have to learn how to code in HTML & CSS at minimum to turn it into a functioning site. With Webflow, you get all the freedom and customizability without coding a single line. Its a full design and development platform that is used from small businesses to large corporations, in fact, we use it to build custom websites for our clients! We've wrote a detailed post on the three different ways of building a website.


Website designers and developers work together to create the perfect website for your business or organization, but it is important that you choose one person (or company) who focuses on either design or development in order to get the best results. If you don't know where to begin then feel free to contact our team here at Compile Marketing, we'd be happy to help.

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